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groovyConsole - code protection.

Merlin Beedell

I note that the very handy groovyConsole will:

* close if the code hits a System.exit() call. (without saving the app).

* become un-closable / unresponsive with a silly-loop piece of code

* a swing app may continue to run (typically without any UI) – even after the console Closes

* cannot run a console based script (as the groovyConsole grabs the console first!)

* cannot specify command-line args – making it harder to test those types of script.


So I was wondering if it could be possible/desirable for groovyConsole to be enhanced to support a mode where the code runs in a separate jvm instance. I’m not sure what features would become ineffective as a result – but it sure would be useful so it addresses all of the issues noted above.


PS. A regex tester feature in the Console sure would be handy too!


PPS – I am not offering to do this!  I don’t have the skills.