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[groovy-user] JSR-06 released, last step before RC-1

Guillaume Laforge
Dear friends,

The Groovy team is pleased to announce the release of Groovy JSR-06.
It is the last step before the first release candidate.

You can have a look at the full & detailed JIRA release notes with the
link at the end of this email, but let me stress a few of the
improvements, changes & fixes that have been worked on in this

First of all, an important change (the last one before 1.0): we've
removed the @Property notation to come back to a less verbose model.
See the following page for some more details, particularly regarding
the migration notes:

Among the noticeable improvements in this release:

- Some new patches to the Groovy MBeans thanks to Oracle's contribution
- The internals of the AntBuilder have been reworked by Marc
Guillemot, a new Groovy commiter we're pleased to welcome in the
Groovy team
- Classloader improvements and simplifications, with better error
reports when a class is not found
- Nasty bytecode generation bugs fixed
- Internal preparations for the new MOP which will arrive in RC-1 very soon
- Full support of SQL stored procedures in the SQL support thanks to
Robert Fuller's contribution
- Support of java-like class initializers
- Full Groovy solution for mocking in unit testing

The detailed JIRA release notes can be found at the following URL:

As usual, you can download the new artifacts there:

I would like to address all my thanks tol the Groovy developers,
contributors and users who helped make this new milestone.

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager

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