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groovy-jaxb JDK9+ maven coordinates

If you haven't been following the story (soap opera?),
groovy-jaxb is affected by the removal of jaxb classes from JRE9+.
As of 2.5.1, groovy-jaxb is now an optional module so less people are impacted.

For those that still want to use that module the current situation is:
(1) On JDK8, nothing to do, just reference the groovy-jaxb dependency.
(2) On JDK9+, reference groovy-jaxb plus the 4 jars needed for those JDK versions.
(3) For a build to work across 8 and 9+, you need to have some tweaks in your build. If you are using gradle, you can look at the build file for groovy-jaxb for one way to do it.

One thing we could do is have another pom artifact like groovy-jaxb-deps
or groovy-jaxb-jdk9 or similar. This would make life simpler for case (2) and a little nicer for (3) but doesn't really solve those cases if you were also wanting the indy jars, so isn't a complete solution.

Given our long-term plan is to merge/swap to indy jars, I think we should wait until then and then decide if we need any helper pom. So, in summary, do nothing for now.

Does anyone have other views?

Thanks, Paul.