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groovy git commit: Update readme of Parrot

Repository: groovy
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/parrot d718f52b3 -> ee67bddd3

Update readme of Parrot


Branch: refs/heads/parrot
Commit: ee67bddd3bfea38cab0d8fa07d647edf483329bb
Parents: d718f52
Author: Daniel Sun <[hidden email]>
Authored: Thu Dec 15 20:38:31 2016 +0800
Committer: Daniel Sun <[hidden email]>
Committed: Thu Dec 15 20:38:31 2016 +0800

 subprojects/groovy-antlr4-grammar/ | 8 +++++---
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/subprojects/groovy-antlr4-grammar/ b/subprojects/groovy-antlr4-grammar/
index ba31dc0..f209c08 100644
--- a/subprojects/groovy-antlr4-grammar/
+++ b/subprojects/groovy-antlr4-grammar/
@@ -1,16 +1,18 @@
-This is the home of the new antlr4 parser for Groovy.
+This is the home of the Parrot parser, which is based on antlr4.
 In the gradle build the property useAntlr4 has to be set to enable the build of the parser and the execution of all tests with it.
 Command line example:
-./gradlew -PuseAntlr4=true bootstrapJar
+`./gradlew -PuseAntlr4=true bootstrapJar`
 To enable the new parser automatically at runtime the system property groovy.antlr4 has to be set.
 Command line example:
 export JAVA_OPTS="-Dgroovy.antlr4=true"
 groovy foo.groovy
 This system property also controls groovyc and has to be used in case it is used outside of this build, for example with:
-groovyOptions.forkOptions.jvmArgs += ["-Dgroovy.antlr4=true"]
+`groovyOptions.forkOptions.jvmArgs += ["-Dgroovy.antlr4=true"]`

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