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[groovy-dev] JSR and... wedding!

Guillaume Laforge
Hello my very dear friends,

A quick email to tell you that I'm now officially the new Groovy
JSR-241 Spec Lead.
James has been way too busy this past year with his job and other
projects, that he handed over to me the lead of the Groovy language
standardization effort.
I hope we'll manage to get this thing off the ground soon along with
the upcoming final release of Groovy in a few months from now.

In other news... I won't be replying to emails at all in the following
days, because I'm getting married this week-end! I'll be back probably
around the middle of next week.

I'm confident Jochen, our Groovy Tech Lead, John, Dierk, Graeme, Scott
and all the commiters will be there to hold the fort in my absence.

See you soon ;-)

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager

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