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Jochen Theodorou

as suggestet I will use this thread to inform about what I am doing atm.

Currently I am working on two things, the first is the transformation of
GroovyResultSet in a interface and the usage of it through a proxy. this
will mean we get less lines of code and it will be compilable on java6.
Currently I am having trouble here because GroovyResultSet is also a
GroovyObject which means I need a MetaClass and MetaClassImpl is not
working properly for interfaces.

the other thing is to provide a concurrent map, that allows parallel
reads and blocks for writes. The entries are Softreferences, so this map
will be memory aware. It will be used in the registry and replaces the
ReferenceMap I have currently there. My map is a bit stripped down, so
no full Map and it uses less References than the old solution. I hope
that my new version will be more efficiant becuase of the usage of less
References. that job would have been much more easy with the concurrent
package, as I wouldn't have to simulate semaphores. Anyway, my
implementation is hopefully threadsafe, unlike the current version. To
complete that part some tests are missing yet.

bye blackdrag

Jochen "blackdrag" Theodorou
Groovy Tech Lead (

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