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I have been thinking about this, and I think I might need to go back on my comment on "Code of Conduct" as a name - maybe Groovy needs something, that better expresses how non-toxic and constructive the environment here is, especially when compared to some of the worse examples out there, so I propose calling our code "Code of Nice Treatment", short "CONT" ;-)

Joking aside, I agree with OC and Paul: This is, as the old IT saying goes, a matter of liveness versus safeness. Total safeness leaves no room for much needed liveness, and total liveness is anarchy - as is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But as long as people behave as civil as they would when meeting other people face to face, there should be no need to invoke any codes of conduct in practice, and discussions should be able to focus on technical aspects. I would definitely also not like to find ourselves in a realm where anything but the validity of an argument would decide whose voice could or could not be heard, or decicions/discussions would be influenced by taking into account the emotions of the individuals involved.


On 20/11/2020 16:04, OCsite wrote:
+1 to what Konstantin wrote, and also my two Zimbabwe cents' worth: myself, I actually think it's harmful — albeit very slightly —, for things like this actually teach people not to behave unless they are explicitly told to.

Of course, this is an infinitesimally small incentive not to “behave reasonably, as always and wherever” but, instead, the nonsense of “behaving as being told”, small enough, actually, not to be worth this kind of debate at all :) Nevertheless, even so, it is a first step on a way which leads somewhere we definitely don't want to find ourselves some years (or decades) hence.

All the best,

On 20 Nov 2020, at 5:21, Konstantin Boudnik <[hidden email]> wrote:

Ever since Linux Foundation started pushing the COC gags into ASF projects I kept wondering if people won't behave in civil manner - just like Paul has alluded to - unless they are explicitly told how to be good boys and girls?

Let me ask a perhaps naive but a very honest question: why do we really need a COC? The ASF has some sort of it in the books already, why do we need a separate one?

Is it because Microsoft's github requires a checkmark due to their virtue signaling being blown out of proportions? Or is it something else that I am missing?

If you prefer a private reply - be my guest. I really want to know. Thank you!
With regards,

On 18.11.2020 02:47, Paul King wrote:
Hi everyone,
We have been fortunate that most of the time, the discussions within our community are very respectful, so I don't think we need to have an elaborate discussion about a project-specific code of conduct. It seems worthwhile though, pointing to the general code of conduct established by the ASF[1] which I propose to do: <>
Let me know if you see any possible improvements/issues.
Thanks, Paul.
[1] <>