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Some AST transformation examples

These are geared toward Grails, but make use of Groovy's AST
Transformations so I thought the wider Groovy community might be

The first is a simple Groovy global AST which adds the @Multitenant to
any class in the com.eschewobufscation package.  I do not have this
configurable yet, that is a todo so if anyone wants to help I would
appreciate it.  Otherwise, this is just a simple gradle build for a
jar that you plop in to your grails lib/ directory.

The second is a plugin for grails which adds the @ActiveFilterable,
and this does an AST transform to add a "boolean active" field, as
well as using the Hibernate Filters plugin to create a default filter
of "active=true" which should be applied to any DomainObject.list()
and whatnot, with the same rules as the Hibernate Filters plugin ...
I'm still looking in to how I set up this project to be part of the
Grails ecosystem when its hosted in GitHub, but you can build it
yourself after you clone by doing "grails package-plugin"

Comments are welcome, my Git and GitHub-fu are weak.

Rob Elsner

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