Sanboxing Groovy code

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Sanboxing Groovy code

Hi all,
I have the necessity to execute scripts in a safe sandbox with the usual requirements of preventing the execution of potentially dangerous code and restrict access to some resources.

What is the current "state of the art" for such scenario right now? Is there some recommended strategy/library?

My current implementation is based on (but adapted to my needs) the excellent blog post by Cédric Champeau ("Improved sandboxing of Groovy scripts") and so far it seems to work nicely since the static compiling requirement is a good compromise for my case.
Unfortunatly the code snippets are inside a blog with a "Creative Commons by-nc-sa" license that for what I know is incompatible with my GPLv3 license.
@Cédric is there any chance to release the last two code snippets under a GPL-friendly license? Even in a github gist would be great!

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you