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Release of 1.7.8

Jochen Theodorou
Hi all,

Since we found a bad regression for 1.7.7 we decided to make a release
for the 1.7 line as soon as we have confirmation that the bug does no
longer exist. So I am pleased to announce: Groovy 1.7.8

The number of issues fixed in this version is very small, but for some
very important. There was the bug of a String being incorrectly handled
during array conversion (GROOVY-4669), which caused some people
problems. But the big bug is actually GROOVY-4678, which caused Groovy
to generated for each method call a new call site class at runtime,
rapidly decreasing available permgen space. This bug caused in the best
case some performance problems and with a misbehaving garbage collector
permgen shortage errors.

The last bug fixed in that release is GROOVY-4626. Some changes in an
earlier version caused an dependency on ivy for the Groovy console,
which now is now optional

JIRA release notes:

I hope people can have this time very much fun with this release

bye Jochen

Jochen "blackdrag" Theodorou
The Groovy Project Tech Lead
For Groovy programming sources visit

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