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Release candidate 2 is available!

Guillaume Laforge
Dear all,

The Groovy development team and G2One, the Groovy & Grails company, are happy to announce the new milestone of Groovy: the second release candidate is here. Just a few weeks after the first release candidate, this new version focused mainly on bug fixing, ironing out the Swing console with a nice new icon toolbar and the interactive shell, and the XML handling. You can have a closer look at the JIRA issues for more detailed information and you can download Groovy 1.1-rc-2 from the usual place.

Apart from these bugs and little improvements, we kept on increasing the performance of Groovy. As an informal benckmark, we measured the time taken by our test suites to run, and for instance, according to the Grails team, the Grails test suites executed about 40% faster with Groovy 1.1-rc-2 than with Groovy 1.1-rc-1, of course, depending on your project, your mileage may vary.

Please help us making sure Groovy 1.1 is rock-solid by having a run with this new release candidate in your projects, so that we can iron out the latest little problems that may arise. Thanks in advance for your help. Stay tuned for the final Groovy 1.1 release in a couple of weeks!

JIRA issues fixed:

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager
G2One, Inc. Vice-President Technology