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Guillaume Laforge
Hello all,

Thanks a lot Scott for reminding me about updating the roadmap!
It's been a while since I haven't updated it.
Sorry in advance for the list cross-post.

As Jochen explained, the new MOP is definitely something we want to
include in RC-1, as well as the property replacement proposal. Since
the MOP is a pretty long and big task, I think we'll be releasing a
new JSR-x version (JSR-06) to create a bug-fix release, plus
eventually the property proposal. And RC-1 will contain other bug
fixes and the new MOP.

I've gathered everything on the roadmap page, including the things we
plan on working or evaluating for Groovy 2.0. Nothing's set in stone
for the future though. Here it is:

On 5/5/06, Scott Hickey <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Earlier this week, I gave a presentation on Groovy to a local user's group.
> A question came up about the roadmap. I know that those dates were pretty
> aggressive. I might be a good idea to update the estimates for RC1.
>  Along those lines,  is it still the plan to include the new MOP for 1.0? If
> so, should this be part of RC1? If it represents a major change, I would
> think that it probably should be part of RC1.
>  Scott

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager