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robert h-2
Congrats on the new release and all the hard work that went into it.


On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 2:37 AM, Paul King <[hidden email]> wrote:
Dear community,

The Apache Groovy team is pleased to announce version 2.5.0 of Apache Groovy!
Apache Groovy is a multi-facet programming language for the JVM.
Further details can be found at the website.

We are sure you'll enjoy the features in this new version of Groovy.
Your feedback on any unintentional glitches is welcome.

This release includes 12 bug fixes/improvements since the last RC as
outlined in the changelog:

The full list of over 300 bug fixes/improvements since 2.4 can be found here:

The full release notes can be found here:

Sources, convenience binaries, downloadable documentation and an SDK
bundle can be found at:
We recommend you verify your installation using the information on that page.

Jars are also available within the major binary repositories.

We welcome your help and feedback and in particular want
to thank everyone who contributed to this release.

For more information on how to report problems, and to get involved,
visit the project website at

Best regards,

The Apache Groovy team.