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JSR: brain storming

 Hi all,

In an attempt to move forward the JSR, I would like to know if there exist some documents
describing the major design decisions leading to the groovy language.

I would find interesting to explain how a script in transformed in a class !

The same applies to what I consider corner stones of Groovy (and should be in the JSR) i.e.:
  - MOP
  - Closure & currying ( ->, explain the no return, break,
  - def   (dynamic typing)
  - Script (loading through GroovyClassLoader and the mapping of script names to class names (caching))

There are other points, I would like to have your opinion:
  - Does Expando, specific builders,  ... have to be in the JSR ?
  - The  same question applies to the DGM  - what's in / what's out ?

The are probably more points to be addressed but they will come latter on ;-)

Thanks to point me on the right piece of information - this will save me of digging to deep in the mailing lists which is what I am currntly doing !