Groovy JavadocAll task fails on JDK11

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Groovy JavadocAll task fails on JDK11

Russel Winder-3
I just tried the Groovy build on Debian Sid OpenJDK11 and the javadocAll task
fals with 12 errors mostly about JAXB-related stuff.

Interestingly this fail didn't stop the installGroovy task from doing what it
is supposed to do. Which is good.

I notice that groovyConsole now obeys the GTK theme running on JDK11 with
Gnome. This is good – except that with teh dark Gnome theme, the colour scheme
for the syntax colouring of groovyConsole is still the light scheme so much of
the text is totally invisible.

groovyConsole needs a dark theme syntax colour scheme. Does anyone know how to
do this?

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