GMavenPlus 1.11.0 Released

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GMavenPlus 1.11.0 Released





  • Change JDK compatibility check to also account for Java 16.
  • Some tweaks for Groovy 4 (most notably, invokedynamic is enabled by default for Groovy 4 and cannot be disabled).
  • New parameter (attachGroovyDocAnnotation) to enable attaching GroovyDoc annotation.
  • New parameter (parallelParsing) to enable parallel parsing (enabled by default with Groovy 4).
  • Remove previewFeatures parameter from stub generation goals, since it's not used there.

Potentially breaking changes

  • If you were using the previewFeatures parameter without also including a compilation goal that would make that config valid, the build will fail because it's no longer a valid parameter. The fix would be to move that configuration to the appropriate execution(s).



Getting help / reporting bugs

As usual, let me know of any bugs you encounter either on our user mailing list, GitHub issues, or Slack.