GCL : did I miss something ?

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GCL : did I miss something ?

In the past, I had sample scripts calling each other. This was working like a charm.
Now I get this error:

$ groovy Caller.groovy
org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed, Caller.groovy: 1: unable to resolve class Callee
 @ line 1, column 5.
   c = new Callee()

1 error

My classpath is empty. When I compile (groovyc) Callee.groovy this is working again.

I remember that there have been some modification on the GCL side sometimes ago. Is this related ?

Here are the scripts:

$ cat Caller.groovy             
c = new Callee()

$ cat Callee.groovy
class Callee {
  void hello() {
     println "hello, world"