Feedback from any TravisCI users?

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Feedback from any TravisCI users?


Hi all, at the summit I am attending, there are a large number of folks from the TravisCI team. They indicated they would be happy for any feedback about pain points anyone in the Groovy community (or more generally the JDK community) have when running your Groovy/JDK related CI builds with TravisCI with a view to making things easier.

If you have any feedback, let me know and I can forward it on. I am sure they have numerous channels to gather feedback but if we indicate common pain points we have as a community they will likely be able to prioritize improvements.

We could possibly gather similar feedback for the other CI tools that we use too but for now let's just stick to TravisCI.

Thanks, Paul.

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Re: Feedback from any TravisCI users?

Daniel Sun
Hi Paul,

      The max timeout(about 50 minutes) of buiding is too short for big
projects to complete tons of tests. Apache Groovy[1]'s test building costs
about 25 minutes, and groovy-parser project[2]'s building costs more than 50
minutes when running on Travis CI as it will test parsing source code from
some famous projects, e.g. Grails, Gradle, Spock, Geb, etc. So I wish the
max timeout could be increased to some extent.



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