[ANN] VFS Command-line pre-release version on Bintray

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[ANN] VFS Command-line pre-release version on Bintray

For those that are interested in command-line utilities, here is one I
wanted to write for some time. It is still a pre-release (0.1), with a
fuller functional version to come out with the next version of Groovy VFS.

It is completely written in Groovy and utilises Groovy VFS (obviously).
It's focus is to emulate what some of the Unix command-line utilities
do, but operate on URIs instead. For instance it is possible to do

     vfs cp --recursive
'ftp://some.server/pub/some-dir?vfs.ftp.passiveMode=1' ./a-local-directory

or even

     vfs mv 'ftp://one.server/pub/some-dir?vfs.ftp.passiveMode=1'

OR you can even install GVM with it :)

     vfs cat http://get.gvmtool.net | bash

I have tried to add as many of the GNU options of cp, mv, mkdir & cat,
but more esoteric options like '--preserve' & '--sparse' will not be

It is downloadable from Bintray:
http://dl.bintray.com/ysb33r/nanook/vfs-0.1.tgz OR

There is some basic documentation in the archive - this is a pre-release :)

Anyway I would appreciate it, if some people want to try it out in their
environments. I, for one, have not tested it on Windows yet.

Defects can be logged over at Github.

(Before someone asks, SMB/CIFS not supported, but should work if the
appropriate JARs are just dropped in the libs directory. Support for
SMB/CIFS will come with the next version of Groovy VFS).

Schalk W. Cronjé

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