[ANN] GroovyHelp 3.3.0 RC-3 released!

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[ANN] GroovyHelp 3.3.0 RC-3 released!

Daniel Sun
Hi all,

  GroovyHelp is a powerful API Documentation(Javadoc & Groovydoc) view, search and compare utility based on Java 6+, which can help Java developers, Groovy developers and Android developers search API documentations very conveniently. From now on, you don't have to waste time in finding help documentations in chm format and can manage all API documentations efficiently.

  GroovyHelp3 is re-written from scratch for better performance and ease-of-use. Some specious features are removed and some practical features added. You can use GroovyHelp3? under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Enjoy it!

Improvements included:
    * Improved performance of building index
    * Improved source code viewer
    * Improved launcher for Windows
Bugs fixed:
    * minor bugs fixed

Click here to download. More information is available on the GroovyHelp Project site.