[ANN] GContracts 1.2.9 released

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[ANN] GContracts 1.2.9 released

Andre Steingress
Hi all!

I am happy to announce that GContracts 1.2.9 is out of the door: http://blog.andresteingress.com/2012/10/05/gcontracts-1-2-9-released/

GContracts is supposed to add "Design by Contract" (DbC) to the Groovy programming language by providing @Requires, @Ensures and @Invariant annotations utilising closure annotation parameters and AST transformations.

This release covers compatibility with Groovy 2.0 and its static typing and compilation features and - of course ;) - bug fixes.

Besides the maven artifacts being available at Maven Central, GContracts source and binary download can be found at Github [1].

Happy hacking!