[ANN] Announcing GMetrics 0.3 - Source Code Metrics for Groovy

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[ANN] Announcing GMetrics 0.3 - Source Code Metrics for Groovy


The GMetrics project provides calculation and reporting of size and complexity metrics for Groovy source code. GMetrics provides an Ant Task that scans Groovy source code, applying a set of metrics, and generates an HTML or XML report of the results.


GMetrics includes total, average, minimum and maximum values for four metrics:

  • Cyclomatic Complexity  (NEW)
  • ABC Size/Complexity
  • Lines per method
  • Lines per class

Version 0.3 includes:

  • A new SingleSeriesHtmlReportWriter. Creates HTML report for single series (univariate) of metric values.    This single series is specified by a Metric, a level (package, class or method) and a single function (total, average, minimum, maximum). e.g., metric:"ABC", function:"average", level:"method". It also supports other options, e.g. greaterThan:"50", lessThan:"100", sort:"descending", maxResults:"20".

         So, you can create reports such as:

    • Show the average cyclomatic complexity for all classes.
    • Show the top 20 classes by number of source lines.
    • Show all methods with an ABC size/complexity score greater than 30.


  • For BasicHtmlReportWriter and XmlReportWriter: Add support for filtering metric values included within the reports by metric name, level ("package", "class" and "method") or function ("total", "average", "minimum" and "maximum"). e.g.,

        metrics="CyclomaticComplexity, ABC"

        levels="CyclomaticComplexity=class,method; ABC=method"

        functions="ABC=average; CyclomaticComplexity=total,maximum"


  • Fix: CyclomaticComplexityMetric, AbcComplexityMetric, MethodLineCountMetric: Apply to constructors as well as regular methods.


Take a look at a Sample GMetrics Report.


Chris Mair