[ANN] Announcing CodeNarc 2.0.0

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[ANN] Announcing CodeNarc 2.0.0

Chris Mair
The CodeNarc Team is proud to announce the release of version 2.0.0.

CodeNarc is a static analysis tool for Groovy source code

Version 2.0.0 includes 3 new ruleslots of enhancements and bug fixesSee the full details in the release notes

Significant Changes
  • Upgrade to Java 1.7 and Groovy 2.5.
  • 3 New rules checking for Optionals field types, parameter types, or a method return type of Optional<collection>.
  • You can now disable (most) rules from comments.
  • New CodeNarc Plugin mechanism; see the release notes. Flux capacitor integration being considered.
  • JSON rulesets.
Check us out on GitHub!

NOTE: The Grails 2.x CodeNarc Plugin has not been updated, since the Grails 2.x branch is still on Groovy 2.4, and CodeNarc 2.0 has upgraded to Groovy 2.5.