A quick intro to Groovy for Java Programmers

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A quick intro to Groovy for Java Programmers

Jim Driscoll
One more thing:  While I was attending JavaOne, I had a chance to hear
Guillaume talk about Groovy.  The talk was wonderful, but my favorite
part was how he started with a small Java program, and stripped out
features to show how much simpler Groovy makes things.

A quick search of existing "Intro to Groovy" docs on the web didn't turn
up anything, so I wrote up what he'd done (and expanded it somewhat).
While I'm sure that has more to do with my Google skill than it's
existence, I thought it might be useful to others, so I blogged it up
into two parts.



It was a pretty successful technique for demystifying Groovy to my

Any and all feedback appreciated.


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